Thursday, December 13, 2007

Year-Ender Beach Clean-Up

It has been a conscious effort one desire for Shirley's staff and management to involve themselves helping the community that has given them so much during this past year. Shirley's Coffee Shop didn't let the year end wihout doing another beach clean-up on December 13, 2007. These clean-ups have been an integral part of Shirley's and will continue to take part in these events to, as they say; Beautify CNMI!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Concert King at Shirley's

Shirley's Susupe staffs posed with Martin Nievera.

Martin gladly posed with some customers of Shirley's Susupe, taken a day before his concert.

After a record breaking crowd concert at the American Memorial Park on Nov.18, the Concert King Martin Nievera together with his band and some volunteers went straight to Shirley's Coffee Shop Susupe for an exclusive party. A party to congratulate him for a great concert he had. Shirley's Spaghetti is one of his favorites, we had to serve him a second plateful of spaghetti just to fulfill his cravings.
The concert was made possible by Tan Holdings in celebration of their 35th anniversary.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shirley's At It Again

Shirley’s are at it again!

We at Shirley’s don’t just serve the best food on the island, have the friendliest staff and the best service—we also give back to the community by playing an active role in the Beautify CNMI campaign. Shirley’s continues to participate in providing that much needed tender, loving care of our island beaches as its simple way of saying “Si Yuus Maase CNMI!”

On August 27, 2007, Shirley’s management and staffs together with their family members gathered to clean its adopted beach at the Saipan Community School area. This event was highlighted by remembering the birthday celebrants of the months of July and August. This just proves that Shirley’s is indeed an all-around partner in good times, community awareness and great food.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Now Showing at Shirley's

Non - Stop Cravings ............. mmm, mmm, mmm!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Third Time and There's No Stopping

For the third time, Shirley's Coffee Shop clean up warriors cleaned their adopted beach on March 28, 2007 and there's NO STOPPING THEM!

More clean up sweeps will be done for the next few months, a commitment made by Shirley's Coffee Shop with the Department of Environmental Quality to help "Beautify CNMI". After the clean up, they had a little celebration party at the beach for the birthday celebrants for the months of January, February and March. Birthday songs were sung, candles were blown, food and drinks were shared; of course, hands were sanitized first.



Thank God It’s Thursday!

Street market is the well deserve break from our weekly routine. When you go to street market you will see all sorts of food from different ethnicity and different people from all walks of life. You let your guard down sitting on the street side walk which truly adds appeal of Thursday's Street Market.

Among all the exciting and food filled kiosks in street market, Shirley’s stall certainly hits the spot when it comes to food and great service. The good food that is always served hot and fresh tied in with the service that goes beyond expectations, Shirley’s truly stands out among the crowded streets of Garapan. Although almost always Shirley’s will get busy all throughout the night, the staff tirelessly offers great service, great food suggestion and delivers orders meticulously.

Hence, if you have not experienced the great food and first class service for a very affordable price, come by Thursday and make sure that Shirley's is your FIRST and LAST stop.

Some of the food that Shirley’s offers are beef steak, siomai, pancit palabok which are Filipino favorites. Sweet and sour, chopsuey, grilled mahi (local favorites) and our specialty the Shirley’s fried rice just for an affordable price of $5 for 5 choices.
Then quench your thirst with our blended drinks, made with high grade flavored powder, finely shaved ice, creamy milk with a generous portion of tapioca pearls topped with yummy whipped cream. Blasts come in these delicious flavors – mocha, cappuccino, chocolate, cookies and cream, white chocolate mocha, vanilla and caramel latte for only $3.00
Slush flavors are mango, taro, watermelon and strawberry for only $3.00

Keeps you coming back Thursday after Thursday!

LISS Students Exploring the World of Shirley's

On March 28, 2007, as part of the outside learning process, some twenty four (24) students from Ladera International School of Saipan, together with their teachers visited Shirley's Coffee Shop in Susupe.

The purpose of the tour was to give the students an idea on how a restaurant operates, see its facilities and equipment and observe how actual cooking is done and how food is prepared and served.

After the tour, the students experienced the taste and excitement of the Shirley's Smiling French Fries - one of the items on the Kiddie Meals menu - which they found to be very enjoyable.

According to Genevie Georfo-Angeles, one of the teachers from LISS, "Service at Shirley's is good. The food were served hot. Request for the group of kids who are not allowed to drink anything with caffeine, were attended to immediately. Servers were quick to offer alternatives."

She added, "We are very thankful that Shirley's Coffee Shop accomodated our students during the tour. We will definitely include Shirley's on our field trip itinerary in the future."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Did It Again!

Volunteers from Shirley's Coffee Shop again rose up early wearing their new "Beautify CNMI" uniforms to clean up the beach behind the Saipan Community School and Church on Feb. 20, 2007. Leading the clean-up was Susan Macario, the General Manager of Shirley's Coffee Shop. 155lbs. of trash were collected that day, GREAT JOB!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Helping the Community

Volunteers from Shirley's Coffee Shop pose with the bags of trash they collected at the beach behind the Saipan Community School and Church on Jan. 24,2007.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Past

The very best of Chamorro, Filipino and American cuisine – in large servings – all blended into one menu. That’s the very heart of Shirley’s Coffee Shop.
Through such a combination, Shirley’s set out to delight Guam patrons in its very first outlet at the Agana Downtown Hotel on January 1983. Through its signature dishes, like the fried rice and pancakes, Shirley’s quickly grew and opened three more outlets (Airport, Harmon and Tamuning).
On May 1993, Dynamic Core Group, Inc, through a franchise granted by Shirley's Guam, established the very first Shirley’s Coffee Shop outlet in the island of Saipan. The coffee shop located at Chalan Lau Lau area quickly became a favorite place for families looking for that wholesome dining experience at a reasonable price. In a matter of a few months, Shirley’s captured the local appetites of the island. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, customers from all walks of life went through the doors of Shirley’s for their favorite dish.
On September 1997, a second outlet opened at the lobby of the newly-renovated Century Hotel, which became a 24-hour diner that caters to the island's growing nightlife. Thanks to its growing customer base, Shirley’s expanded once more on February 2005 by opening its third and largest branch located across Mt. Carmel Church .
As a way of giving back, Shirley’s added free wireless internet service in its third branch so customers can surf the Net or check their email while enjoying their favorite meals or coffee.
With these little extras and their commitment to providing the best service, Shirley’s Coffee Shop strives to continue giving its patrons a dining experience that is memorable up to the last bite.
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