Monday, September 27, 2010

Shirley's Coffee Shop Participates in International Coastal Clean up

It was an event and a cause close to the heart of Shirley's Coffee Shop. As one of the earliest champions of the beach clean up activities on the island, the Shirley's group composed of Shirley's management and staff, as well as their family members and friends took to the beaches once again for the International Coastal Clean Up.

At the Sugar Dock heading south site, the Shirley's team joined thousands of environmental warriors/volunteers from the government and private sector.

The two-day event was held September 24 and 25 all over the CNMI (Saipan, Tinian and Rota).

All items collected were counted and segregated using these 6 sections:

Segregation begins

a. Shoreline and Recreational Activities - debris from food, beach-goers, sports/games, festivals, litter from streets/ storm drains, etc.
b. Ocean/Waterway Activities - debris from recreational/commercial fishing and boat/vessel operations.
c. Smoking-Related Activities
d. Dumping Activities
e. Medical/Personal Hygiene
f. Debris Items of Local Concern

It was a day well-spent

Luiji Jose's "Cars" themed party

Who doesn't love Cars? The Disney/Pixar movie was first shown in 2006 and since then, Lightning McQueen and his gang of lovable cars have endeared themselves to both young and old.

The mommy and daddy of Luiji Jose Tabamo chose this theme for their son's first birthday held at Shirley's Coffee Shop Susupe last September 24.

Luiji may not remember the party now, but when he gets a bit older, he'll see all the yummy and interesting details of his first birthday party.

This big banner set the mood for the party

And this cute cake followed suit

Superb party details need an equal match. Look at the buffet spread.

Shirley's Coffee Shop's Macoi was that day's affable host

The family was all smiles. It was a birthday success!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ailynn Galvan's 7th birthday party

7th birthdays are considered milestones and when Ailynn Galvan reached her 7th year.. and dad threw her a birthday party

complete with a fun party host



and cake

Ailynn celebrated her birthday at Shirley's Coffee Shop Susupe with 100 guests last September 18.
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