Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shirley's Coffee Shop Staff Surprises General Manager on her Birthday

The Shirley's Coffee Shop General Meeting at the Susupe outlet last October 6 started with a surprise birthday celebration for the restaurant's GM, Susan Macario. A sumptuous cake, a set of balloons and a birthday song surprised and greeted Susan on this day.

Some of the staff relates that Susan was very intuitive in catching surprises but this time, it was different. The staff narrates that they really caught Susan by surprise this time.

The staff was one in relaying a special message for Susan:

"To our beloved boss, happy happy birthday! Thank you for everything. We really appreciate all your hard work for Shirley's and the staff. May God bless you always and may you have more birthdays to come."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Steven Tirso Adriatico's 5th birthday party

It was a first for Tirso who turned five with a party at Shirley's Coffee Shop.
This was his first party outside of their home and the staff of Shirley's Coffee Shop made sure it will be memorable for him.

Tirso looked very happy in these photos.

Shirley's Coffee Shop is honored that you and your family chose us as the venue of this special party. Hope to see you again on your next party!
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