Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Rolly "Polyn" Party

It's always the wish of moms and dads to give the best to their kids, including the happiest parties with great games, fun and food.

Polyn turned 2 with a party thrown at Shirley's Coffee Shop in Susupe last May 22. It was a Saturday to remember for the Ong family as their baby Raizabelle is now officially a toddler.

Dora-themed cupcakes

Food line up

Ready, set, go!

Now, its the grown ups' turn

With friend, Matty, who had her own party at Shirley's recently

With family friends who celebrated this day with Polyn

A very Happy Birthday to you, Polyn!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, Josie! (A birthday party post)

Josie Espinosa celebrated her birthday at Shirley's Coffee Shop last May 15 and judging by the number of friends and loved ones who trooped to the restaurant to wish her well, the party was a smashing success.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Josie.

A Second Birthday Party for Matty

Beautiful birthday celebrator Matty or Mariana Katherine Angeles had a blast last May 15 with her guests.

Pink and green cupcakes are very dainty colors, fit for a little princess like Matty

Hapi the clown was there to make sure the birthday girl and her guests are entertained

With a flick of his hands, Hapi created animals out of balloons and made one especially for Matty

And what's a party without the requisite games?

After a series of games, can good food be far behind?

Daddy helping Matty blow her birthday candle

And that sums up Matty's birthday party
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