Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shirley's Football Club Supports Fundraising for Tsunami Victims

Saipan and Japan have close ties--with the Japanese market being an integral part of Saipan tourism and economy for years. So when news of the earthquake and tsunami reached Saipan, Shirley's is one with the rest of the world in praying for their safety, rescue and rebuilding.

Last April 10, Shirley's Football Club took a solid step in helping Japan as they joined the other football teams in a fundraising event at the Ada Gymnasium. In this fundraiser, players of Keio University women’s soccer club had a friendly match against Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) Women’s national team. Before the match, players of the different football clubs in Saipan joined in the dribbling relay competition, penalty kick challenge while in the men’s and women’s division, the players played the 4 x 4 small side game challenge.

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