Friday, April 15, 2011

Turn Over of 10 Drums to OES

Present to accept the drums is Mr. Glenn Muna, Prinicipal of Oleai Elementary School. Also in the picture are NMIFA President, Jerry Tan, Shirley’s FC President Susan Macario, Shirley’s FC Treasurer Merlie Tolentino and Shirley’s FC General Secretary Puy Macario.

After the team painted the cans blue, the ten drums were fitted with wooden stands and were turned over to Oleai Elementary School.

The 10 drums will be utilized as trash cans at the OES facility.

The drums were turned over last April 8 in a simple ceremony at the Oleai Elementary School field with Shirley's Football Club representatives and OES school officials.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shirley's Coffee Shop GM Reads to Third Grade Students

Reading opens up a child's creativity, encourages questions thereby cultivating inquisitiveness, makes the world smaller and places nearer, provides fuel to adventurous spirits and makes learning a lot more fun.

Shirley's Coffee Shop GM Susan Macario knows the value of reading, having enjoyed quiet moments with a book to read too, and she readily agreed when asked to read a book to the third grade students of San Antonio Elementary School in support of the school’s Community Readers Activity.

Held last April 12, this is to involve the community to come to San Antonio Elementary School to inspre the children to read more. This activity encourages the students not to give up reading as they grow older and utilize this skill whenever and wherever their future may take them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shirley's Football Club Supports Fundraising for Tsunami Victims

Saipan and Japan have close ties--with the Japanese market being an integral part of Saipan tourism and economy for years. So when news of the earthquake and tsunami reached Saipan, Shirley's is one with the rest of the world in praying for their safety, rescue and rebuilding.

Last April 10, Shirley's Football Club took a solid step in helping Japan as they joined the other football teams in a fundraising event at the Ada Gymnasium. In this fundraiser, players of Keio University women’s soccer club had a friendly match against Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) Women’s national team. Before the match, players of the different football clubs in Saipan joined in the dribbling relay competition, penalty kick challenge while in the men’s and women’s division, the players played the 4 x 4 small side game challenge.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shirley's Football Club Paints the Cans Blue

Sure they are football players and can give a good kick but their hands are talented as well. These hands were put to good use last March 26, 2011 as the Football Club of Shirley's Coffee Shop joined the beautification project of Olei Elementary School.

Parents, players and coaches joined the clean up and helped in the painting of the ten drums which is to be donated by the team to the school as trash cans.

Let the pictures below tell you what a fun and productive day this was.

Blue trash cans

Mission Accomplished! Their big smiles are from participating in this fun and meaningful activity.
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