Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LISS Students Exploring the World of Shirley's

On March 28, 2007, as part of the outside learning process, some twenty four (24) students from Ladera International School of Saipan, together with their teachers visited Shirley's Coffee Shop in Susupe.

The purpose of the tour was to give the students an idea on how a restaurant operates, see its facilities and equipment and observe how actual cooking is done and how food is prepared and served.

After the tour, the students experienced the taste and excitement of the Shirley's Smiling French Fries - one of the items on the Kiddie Meals menu - which they found to be very enjoyable.

According to Genevie Georfo-Angeles, one of the teachers from LISS, "Service at Shirley's is good. The food were served hot. Request for the group of kids who are not allowed to drink anything with caffeine, were attended to immediately. Servers were quick to offer alternatives."

She added, "We are very thankful that Shirley's Coffee Shop accomodated our students during the tour. We will definitely include Shirley's on our field trip itinerary in the future."

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