Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Thank God It’s Thursday!

Street market is the well deserve break from our weekly routine. When you go to street market you will see all sorts of food from different ethnicity and different people from all walks of life. You let your guard down sitting on the street side walk which truly adds appeal of Thursday's Street Market.

Among all the exciting and food filled kiosks in street market, Shirley’s stall certainly hits the spot when it comes to food and great service. The good food that is always served hot and fresh tied in with the service that goes beyond expectations, Shirley’s truly stands out among the crowded streets of Garapan. Although almost always Shirley’s will get busy all throughout the night, the staff tirelessly offers great service, great food suggestion and delivers orders meticulously.

Hence, if you have not experienced the great food and first class service for a very affordable price, come by Thursday and make sure that Shirley's is your FIRST and LAST stop.

Some of the food that Shirley’s offers are beef steak, siomai, pancit palabok which are Filipino favorites. Sweet and sour, chopsuey, grilled mahi (local favorites) and our specialty the Shirley’s fried rice just for an affordable price of $5 for 5 choices.
Then quench your thirst with our blended drinks, made with high grade flavored powder, finely shaved ice, creamy milk with a generous portion of tapioca pearls topped with yummy whipped cream. Blasts come in these delicious flavors – mocha, cappuccino, chocolate, cookies and cream, white chocolate mocha, vanilla and caramel latte for only $3.00
Slush flavors are mango, taro, watermelon and strawberry for only $3.00

Keeps you coming back Thursday after Thursday!

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